Keeping all fitness factors in mind a visit to be the CLTA gymnasium could do wonder to anybody who aspire to be fit and healthy for all his life. As over there our professional trainers have been redefining fitness and letting people know that it can be anything they want to be. CLTA has taken a big leap in spreading the spirit of fitness amongst the players their parents their friends and relatives in major way by starting a sate of the art, fully equipped gymnasium with facilities offering professional and qualified experienced trainers, weight management programmer such as weight loss, weight again, muscle shaping. All these new activity have become a range amongst our gym members as well as among all our budding tennis players. As result of which. YOGA has been included in the fitness activity of the CLTA tennis players.

Regarding the gymnasium, it is situated in the CLTA premises right in the middle of greenery, in a separate building of own touching its back to the famous green leisure Valley. The gymnasium maintains strict hygiene and quality, for its member. Many innovative forms of exercises have been started by our two qualified and professional trainers, as people of all age groups flock to the gymnasium. Recently aerobics, body conditioning and exclusive tailor made fitness programms have become favorites among the members. The fees for the gym is kept very affordable so as to keep fitness reachable for everybody. New & specially designed fitness tariff packages have also been introduced for joining the gym and availing its facilities.

To bring awareness and commitment among the members towards health, fitness & nutrition, in the gym CLTA trainers organize exclusive fitness awareness workshop monthly to teach and update our members about new techniques and myths about fitness and nutrition. This fitness workshops is conducted in a mass group of all gym member to bring friendliness, co-ordination and spirit of fun & togetherness amongst them to the beats of techno music. One such workshop has already been conduced result of which the interest among your members has increased tremendously.

At the CLTA GYM we believe in one thing, that work speaks louder than our words. So let us all promise to ‘live just to be fit’.

Members of the public are permitted to avail of facilities of CLTA’s modern Gym.

  • Latest equipment
  • Guidance of expert trainers

Gym Membership Charges
Daily Rs. 90
Monthly Rs. 1000
Quarterly Rs. 2500
Half Yearly Rs. 5000
Yearly Rs. 9375
Admission Fee Rs. 250
Private Training Rs. 250 per session
Group Fitness Rs. 2500