September 30, 2012


YENSKHOM ROMEN SINGH ( Cheif Coach ) Date of Birth: 01-03-1974 Nationality: Indian Languages Known: English Hindi Manipuri Working experience : Coaching Since 2000 Have worked […]
September 30, 2012


KARAN GOLMEI ( Senior Coach ) Date of Birth: 27-03-1976 Nationality: Indian Languages Known: English Hindi Manipuri Working experience : Coaching Tennis since last 10 years […]
September 30, 2012


Chhedi Lal Yadav (Senior Coach) Date of Birth: 30-01-1968 Nationality : Indian Languages Known: English Hindi Sankrit Educational Qualifications: Bacholer of Arts NIS Certificate Course 1992 […]
September 30, 2012


SURESH PRATAP YADAV (Coach ) Date of Birth: 25-1-1976 Nationality: Indian Languages Known: English Hindi Punjabi Working experience : 12 Years, Coaching since 2000 Have worked […]
September 30, 2012


MAYANK VALECHA ( Coach ) Date of Birth: 21-07-1984 Nationality: Indian Languages Known: English Hindi Working experience : Working with CLTA as a Coach since May, […]

Other CLTA Coaches 

  • Physiotherapist
    Dr. Indra Rattan
  • Fitness Trainers
    Mr. Dhiraj Sarna
    Mr. Brij Pal
  • Gym Trainers
    Mr. Amitoj Garg
    Mr. Navjeet Singh Saini
  • Yoga Trainer
    Mr. Rajan Tiwari
  • Consultant Yoga
    Acharya Prem Bhatia

CLTA Coaching Program

We have created a visionary institution, determined to develop each and every student to his or her full potential on and off the court. Our goal is to build champions, but we are more interested in helping our students grow not only as athletes, but also as individuals. We are coaches, trainers, educators and counsellors, committed to the individual development of each student. We do not just produce players, we build successful individuals.

Court layouts are designed to help train at maximum intensity on both synthetic hard courts and clay courts

  • Coaches apply observation and feedback system – a proven training system perfected
  • Our players compete in tournaments; players are exposed to variety of competitions that is National and International.
  • Coaches meet weekly to discuss student progress and programme improvements
  • Periodized approach to training players. Students learn daily to compete in match against different ages, abilities and styles
  • Our Director coaching and Development, Tennis coaching staff and conditioning coaches offer unmatched education and training
  • Students train ideally and go to school.
  • Our success comes from our program, creating a high level of competition for all ages and abilities.
  • Full-time students learn discipline, commitment, sportsmanship, responsibility, competition, goal setting and goal achieving.
  • We offer boarding and non-boarding options.
  • Students who have graduated high school can train all day.
  • We help trainees to get admission in reputed schools in Chandigarh for education.
  • Our full-time program runs from April to March.
  • We produce champions on and off the court.
  • Inquire today to reserve your place in the full time program and experience the excellence of CLTA.