Mr. Kawaljeet Singh, Consultant Coaching, CLTA

Kawaljeet Singh is a 61-year-old tennis coaching professional from India.

He is a certified ITF Level 3 coach and has been closely associated with the ITF’s coach’s education program for the last two decades. He is also a member of ITF’s coaches commission which has only three representatives from the whole of Asia.

The genial sardar first began coaching in 1979 and was key to a tennis revolution in Assam where he spent 13 years as coach. He has held many key positions including Director Coaching of CLTA and DLTA. Kawaljeet’s greatest success as a coach came when his players won four national titles at the Delhi hardcourt nationals in 1999. The same year his ward and CLTA product Sunil Kumar Sipaeya became the youngest ever national men’s champion at the age of 16. Soon after he was appointed as travelling coach for various junior ITF teams on the European circuit from 1999 to 2002.

His overseas engagements saw him being pivotal in restructuring the junior development of Vietnam tennis when he worked with the national federation from 2004 to 2007. He has a long-standing involvement with Hong Kong tennis. In 2000 he worked with their elite player program. Since 2013, he has been deeply involved with their coach’s education scheme.

Kawaljeet has been coach and captain of various junior Indian teams, the highlight being a fourth-place finish at the Junior Davis Cup World Finals in Mexico in 2008 under his captaincy.

He is also working closely with the All India Tennis Association and has been a fundamental lynch-pin to India’s coach’s education. He was Director of the education program for four years, 2013-16.

Kawaljeet is now back at CLTA as a consultant looking to enhance its High Performance program while lending his valuable experience towards tweaking the overall coaching scheme.

Based at the beautiful Le Corbusier designed North Indian city of Chandigarh, he runs his own junior development programme at St. Peter’s School Tennis Academy. Kawaljeet regularly conducts high performance tennis camps and provides consultancy for tennis in various parts of the country and abroad.

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