Mr. Sukhwant Basra, Advisor Development, CLTA

Sukhwant Basra has worn many hats in his 45 years. He did his MBA from Punjab University with a specialisation in International Business only to put that aside and enrol for Mass Communication. As he pursued his education, he worked as a coach at the CLTA for seven years at a time when CLTA dominated Indian tennis.

A former top junior player of the region, Sukhwant joined journalism in an effort to improve the lot of our players by writing the real stories which made a difference. He was often at logger heads with the powers-that-be because of the explosive things he wrote.

Sukhwant rose pretty quickly in journalism and was one of the youngest Sports Editors in the history of Indian print journalism. He was appointed Hindustan Times Mumbai Sports Editor at the age of 35. He held that position for two years before Hindustan times promoted him to National Sports Editor. Holding that post for six years made him the longest serving National Sports editor for HT.

Sukhwant grew bored with journalism as he felt that there wasn’t much left to do after occupying such a high post and has now switched back to tennis coaching. He is the quickest in the country to finish five levels of coach’s certification. He is a certified ITF Level II coach.

Alongside, Sukhwant works with Indian tennis legend Leander Paes on various projects that the athlete has lined up post retirement. He is also working on Paes’ official biography.    

He lives in Chandigarh, is an avid motorcycle rallyist, loves dogs and on an average reads a book a day

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