Pracarsh Rastogi (May 14, 2012 to June 14, 2012)

August 13, 2012
Roashan Paul (June 4, 2012 to June 11, 2012)
August 13, 2012

Having taken training / coaching in CLTA, I would say that it is an experience one would never forget. The fun, learning and enthusiasm here will bind anyone towards it and make their game better. The coaches here are one of the best of the country and are very sincere and punctual in their job. Moreover they are always encouraging and enthusiastic about their work and a lot of players are thus benefitted. But most importantly they combine the two vital elements, fun and coaching, together so appropriately that the players are even able to comprehend better. I have felt a change myself only in over a month. Besides this the courts are just amazing and are maintained well; the environment is even better; and the facilities for food and shelter are top class. Summing up, I would only say that CLTA is by far one of the best academies the country has to offer.

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